The Numbers Behind Sexual Assault Should Make You Angry

This NEEDS to be talked about, awareness never comes from silence.

Project Ava


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Numbers are important, but the individuals and stories behind the numbers are what we should start speaking about.

For more information, visit the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN) and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

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Nachos & Names

It’s a lazy Saturday, and I’m warming up leftover nacho meat for lunch while researching surnames in certain Irish counties in the 1800-1900’s. Considering my background in genealogy, I didn’t think it would be quite this hard! But alas, this time I’m struggling.

When I choose names for characters in a historical fiction, I like to make sure they fit the story. If a person comes from Germany, in say 1250 AD, I’m not gonna name them Chad or Stacy. “Hark, Sir Chad, meet us by Princess Stacy’s pool, her mom the Queen is ravishing…” Haha! Right?! Not going to work. So I research the area, time period, political and religious climates, and class styles before choosing names.

Because I most often write as the story flows in my head, rather than by an outline, it’s important for me to research names soon after the plotline and location blooms. It’s hard to start out with one name, and then change it later. That messes with me. So while I keep looking for a surname for one of my main protagonists, Sorcha, here’s a reminder to always do your research and may your salsa stay chunky!

Story re-boot

I’m chipping away at my main sci-fi thriller, doggedly. But this morning I awoke with a fresh take and idea on my YA fantasy project. My husband supplied, with permission, an idea for my use that adds so much color, dimension and fun, that I begged him to co-author it! He hasn’t decided, as he has his own story idea to write. So we may use the same “universe” as it were, for our stories, with little mentions, or easter eggs in each other’s stories for readers to find. Wouldn’t that be fun?? Needless to say, but I will anyway, I adore mo ghile mear~, and will be making him an extra nice supper tonight!

Going back to my sci fi thriller, (we’ll code that one “SB1” because I don’t even want to share my working title yet) I pulled a little inspiration from another man who was in my life at one time. Yup, an ex. Yes I *am* going “there”. Don’t judge, you won’t be able to tell in the book anyway. Because it’s not a revenge thing, it was a very cool science idea he talked about once that I’m totally stealing and making my own. And unless he reads this book, he won’t even know it. And I kind of hope he does, because I’m going to make it painfully obvious to him, and him alone. Muhahahahaaha!

Now, off to refill my coffee cup and crank out some words!


~ translates to: ‘My dashing darling’ in Irish Gaelic, there is also a song that’s gorgeous, look it up!


No NaNoWriMo 4 Me

Not only could I not get my registration to work, even with tech support, but as soon as I decided I would do it, my mind blanked out. I’m talking white noise in my brain, San Fransisco fog, 3am wake up, type blank. I stared at my screen for a solid ten minutes the first day without typing a word. I took a shower the second day and had no ideas. I think while I do house work, and will pause to write down an idea most times. But for some reason, I had nothing. All I could think about was what I was doing, rather than the organised daydreaming and brain storming I usually do. Washing dishes was terribly boring. Loading the washer was monotonous. It was like the right half of my brain had taken a hike, and every bit of creativity I owned had tagged along.

So maybe next year.

As soon as I essentially gave up, my muse was back and thrumming. I fleshed out another problem scene in my sci-fi novel, and started an outline for a new work and thought up a couple of ideas for a children’s book.

Go figure. #amwriting

Quiet, I’m thinking.

I haven’t written anything that concerns my current writing projects in some time. The inspiration just hasn’t been there, and that’s a crappy excuse. What happened to BIC (butt in chair) time? I made justifications and excuses. Jim Butcher would be ashamed. How will I ever get anything published, if I don’t sit down and just write it?! *sigh* So this is me, trying to keep myself accountable by admitting my failure.

Now, to give Ensign Dougherty more story line and goals….

Who’s that? I guess you’ll find out, won’t you? Won’t YOU?!?! Yes, because I’m going to get his story published if it kills me! Ok, maybe that was a bit excessive, but you get the point. I’m sorry for the wait, I’m back on task.

#amwriting (finally) #SB001 #workingtitlesucks

Why Society Needs Historians

Well written and I quite agree. Humans need their history.

The Social Historian

‘Society doesn’t need a 21-year-old who is a sixth century historian. It needs a 21-year-old who really understands how to analyse things, understands the tenets of leadership and contributing to society, who is a thinker and someone who has the potential to help society drive forward.’

Thus spake Patrick Johnston, Vice Chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast, in a newspaper interview on 30 May this year.

In doing so, he not only proved the old adage that ‘To err is human, but to really foul things up requires Management’, but he also singlehandedly alienated half of his staff, and pretty much the whole historical profession.

Johnston, it must be remembered, was an oncologist before going into university leadership, so he’s one of the Good Guys. He deserves our respect.

But this doesn’t stop this being stupid, philistine, nonsense. A university VC who doesn’t understand what the humanities do would be…

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Working Woman

I haven’t made any official publishings, and I’m not making any money yet, but I consider  this a job. I am working. I already have a small, and devoted fan base of close friends who’ve gotten samples of my work. One of those friends has already asked me to sign her copy of Starburst 001 once she has a physical copy in her possession. That’s the kind of encouragement all writers need. That kind of hope for my work gives me motivation. This is work, but it’s work I love. I frankly don’t care if it ever pays the bills, I’ll be getting paid in the compliments and excitement of my fans, with interest.